Research & Development


Innovation has made FQ Specialty Chemicals the global leader in Bismuth Speciality Chemicals. We conduct advance research to develop new products, find better and greener production processes, tailor existing products to attain novel functionalities, test creative applications, and put forward cutting-edge technology.


Professional chemists and specialized engineers have devoted thousands of hours in our laboratories to create scientific and technical knowledge that translates into innovative products and solutions: form pharmaceutical ingredients to catalysts, effect pigments, or electronic semiconductors.  Today, FQ's portfolio includes pioneering nanotech products, functional bismuth materials, and it is one of the only three companies worldwide capable of producing bismuth-based pearlescence pigments.

Through dynamic in-house creativity and collaborations with other top research organizations, FQ dictates todays and future possibilities in bismuth technology.


Recent News:


-FQ is granted federal funding for R&D projects.

-FQ signs Research Agreement with Universidad Iberoamericana.

-R&D initiative between FQ and SunChemicals kicks off.

-FQ explores collaborative research opportunities in Spain.

-News products: bismuth oxiodate, surface-modified bismuth subgallate, Bismica Max cosmetic pigments...

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